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Sweet La La Join Advantage JIA MEN YOU SHI

Sweet la la franchise process

Sweet la la franchise process

Consulting, appointment inspection, filling in the joint application form, intention exchange, intention exchange, the company evaluates and evaluates whether the franchise meets the conditions for joining, reviews the store signing the intent contract, and the image design for the franchise store's overall store planning training training officially opened
Affiliate Support

Affiliate Support

Sweet La La provides free business assistance to assist in opening business guidance, assists in opening business, provides free learning and training, and free decoration drawing design
Join conditions

Join conditions

I agree with the brand of sweet la la. I have business experience. According to the company's requirements, the store area meets the company's standards and the facilities meet the company's standards.
Joining advantage

Sweet la la join advantage

Low-cost unified procurement, high-quality and affordable product positioning, headquarters brand center tailored marketing solutions, professional market evaluation and review of stores to reduce your store opening risk.
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Join conditions
Sweet la la tea shop joining conditions
1. Agree with the "sweet la la" brand, products, business philosophy and corporate culture.
2. It has the funds, business premises and human resources corresponding to the franchised business premises.
3. Have a vision for joint ventures. Adhering to the entrepreneurial philosophy of sweet lala sincere cooperation and wealth sharing.
4. Willingness to handle schedule management matters in accordance with the rules and regulations of the company's headquarters.
5. Have business and management experience in related industries.
6. The site selection meets the company's requirements: near commercial streets, snack street schools, and popular tourist attractions at subway entrances of large shopping malls.
7. The facade standard meets the company's requirements; the facade is not less than 15² and the facade broadband is not less than 2.5m, with independent advertising space and passing the company review.
8. The facilities meet the company's requirements: the power of 220v is not less than 15 kilowatts, the 380v is not less than 10 kilowatts, and the inlet pipe requires independent drainage of more than 6 cm.


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Store Show MENDIAN

    Yueyang Huarong County Sweet Lala Shop
    Tengzhou Zaozhuang Vocational College of Technology
    Anhui Hefei University of Technology Store
    Bandabu Wanda Golden Street Store
    Fuyang Xiaqiao Town Tianlaladian
    Hefei Foreign Language College Tianlaladian
    Caofeidian sweet la la shop in Tangshan, Hebei
    Hebei Tangshan College Sweet Lala Shop
    Twenty-five Middle Sweet Lala Store in Kaifeng, Henan
    Henan Nanyang shop sweet la la shop
    Tianlala Store of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Pingdingshan City, Henan Province
    Lu'an Chengnan Middle School sweet lala shop


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Corporate dynamics
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